Chief Instructor: Sabastian Velilla
  • Renshi, Godan- Toyama Ryu Iaido
  • Yondan- Battodo Iaido
  • Renshi, Yondan- Gima-ha Karatedo
  • Shidoin, Yondan- Kyudo

As a student of Budo since 1984, Sabastian is a U.S. Army veteran and completed the Post-Graduate program in Japanese Studies at Sophia University in Tokyo.  For several years he administered International Military Education and Training to the Japanese Self Defense Forces as part of the Department of the Army Security Assistance Program.  He has competed and placed in various Budo Arts in both the U.S. and in Japan. In 2023 Sabastian Sensei was nominated for the Japan Foundation award and in 2024 received the KOROSHO award from the Kokusai Budoin (IMAF JAPAN) for meritorious service to Budo. He is dedicated to protecting, preserving and expanding traditional Budo (Japanese martial arts) and Japanese Cultural Arts (bijutsu) while cultivating character and fostering well-disciplined and capable individuals through participation in physical, mental and spiritual training.

​​Assistant instructors:
Basil Maroney
  •  Sandan, Toyama Ryu Iaido
  • Sandan, Battodo Iaido
Basil is a graduate from Purdue University with a Bachelors degree in Geology and currently works as a Project Coordinator. As a child, He lived in Japan when his parents were stationed at Misawa Air Force Base. He participates in many combat related sports and enjoys wearing his authentic samurai armor at related events. When the dojo opened in 2019, he was the first to sign up for iaido and has found his calling in helping others and himself work towards becoming better martial artists and continues to seek higher quality in himself and others. 

Trevor Payne
  • Nidan, Toyama Ryu Iaido 
  • ​Nidan Battodo Iaido
Practicing martial arts since he was 13 years old, Trevor has attained Dan grades in several styles and kyu grades in others. Since 2020 Trevor has been serving in the Florida Army National Guard as an IT specialist and satellite systems operator. He hold’s an associates degree in information technology from Purdue University and is working on his public school teaching license..  Trevor enjoys learning and teaching principles that cross pollinate many arts, or as Miyamoto Musashi said, “from one thing, know ten thousand.”

Chelsey Velilla
  • Sandan
​Chelsey graduated Summa Cum Laude from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a  Bachelor degree in Art Education.  She spent 12 rewarding years teaching Art  at the elementary level for Newport News Public Schools in Virginia and was designated Teacher of the Year.  Currently she is also the Director of the Japanese Cultural programs for Arching Oaks Arts and Culture Center in Eustis, Florida and a certified Forest Therapy (shinrin Yoku) Guide.  She can be contacted at Chelsey.Velilla@ArchingOaks.org.

Ken Wofford
  • Nidan

Ken is a graduate from ___________ and spent ________ years in the Navy. He is a retired navy medical officer having been stationed in Okinawa and served in Iraq and Quantamino Bay Cuba. He currently works as a nurse anesthetist and is also a professor at _______university teaching current nurses who are crossing over into anesthesiology. He has been a kyudoka since 2018 and travels to us from Tampa.

Diedra Maroney
  • Nidan

Deidra graduated top of her class from International Academy of Design and Technology with a degree in Graphic Design. She currently manages the day-to-day operations for a commercial contractor. She started Kyudo in 2019 and was one of the first students in the Kyudo class. She is an avid baker and contributes to the class by making some of her favorite recipes during tea time on Sundays. 

Robert Gerzanic
  • Shodan Candidate

Matthew Kosiba
  • Shodan

Matt graduated with high honors from Concorde Career Institute in Miramar FL in 2016, as a licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant. He currently works for Advent Health hospital systems in the outpatient setting. Matt has been a student of various martial arts since 2001, with experience in  Hakko-Ryu Ju Jutsu, and Muay Thai. He has been a karate student at the Florida Budokan since 2020 and is committed to training in the pursuit of full instructor status as well as improving the skill of his fellow students.