- Shugyo Matsuri February 26th and 25th (free event)

PictureNovember 14th- Kyudo Delegation to Cuba meets with Japanese Ambassador to Cuba.
- Kyudo Delegation to Cuba meets with Japanese Ambassador
- New registration has started- 2 free classes
-Japan training and sightseeing trip- Sept 3rd-Sept 18th 2023- start saving now!

Kashimon Dojo site has been renamed to Florida Budokan (Multiple Dojos/Multiple Arts).
Accepting Students 10 and up

​- Fox 35 news visits the dojo for the Orlando morning news show. News segment here June 22 
- Kancho meets with the Japanese Ambassador to Cuba- The Honorable Kenji Hirata- Photo below.
- Special Thanks to the Japan Foundation Center of Global Partnership for their generous support of our national and international Budo and Bunka outreach programs. 

PictureExtension being built for the additional Dojo and Future budokan
*Contact us for a national or international seminar at your dojo
*Forest Therapy (Shinrin Yoku) classes will be offered in the fall of 2021
*Dojo receives Commendation Letter from Consulate General of Japan in Miami here- April 2021
​*Dojo Highlighted in Kyudo Nippon Japanese magazine here January 2021
*Dojo Highlighted internationally in BUDO COOL and the YOSHIN PROJECT, November 3 2020
*Dojo Highlighted in Asia Trend Magazine here,  September 22nd 2020
​*Kyudo Video Demonstration shown on the Consulate-General of Japan in Miami Facebook page on Friday August 14th 2020
*New Collaborative book "Shinto Moments" with Taishi Kato-Shinto Priest, available now on Amazon here.
*Video interview and Dojo tour with the Leesburg Center of the Arts April 24th 2020 here
*Kashimon Dojo receives special visit from Consulate-General Hirata of Japan:  March 3rd 2020 (Pictured)
*Kashimon Dojo highlighted in Japanese magazine- Kyudo Journal Feb 2019:   http://www.kyudojournal.com/?p=329
*** Kashimon Dojo is a designated federal nonprofit under IRS code section 501 (c) (3)                               

PictureMeeting with the President of International Budo University Kentaro Matsui- July 2022
Due to the variety of classes and programming  that we have, and our wish to be able to provide attentive service and an authentic experience to our students and guests, the Dojos and classrooms are open to the public only during training hours and during certain scheduled programs and events. The Dojo is open 30 minutes  before class and remains open 30 minutes after class for the student to continue self study or with sempai. The times listed are instructional periods. ​We incorporate Zen meditation in all our classes.

- Regular member is 85 a month or,
- 65 a month (Veterans or Emergency Services employment)
​ (45 for additional family member, both categories)

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Details and registration for the monthly Japanese fine arts classes can be found at ArchingOaks.org
PictureSabastian Velilla meets with the Japanese Ambassador to Cuba. The Honorable Kenji Hirata April 2022
- There are not enough words to convey my heartfelt appreciation for your ongoing amity and valuable contributions to the strengthening of ties between Japan and the U.S. in Florida during my tenure. I hope such bonds and collaboration will continue to deepen and expand further in the years to come. - Consulate General of Japan in Miami, Kenji Hirata

-The Kashimon Dojo is amazing.   It was an eye-opener for me to find the facility in Florida that focuses on the spiritual training of the different Japanese culture. - Shigeko Honda, Executive Director Japanese Society of Florida

 - Absolutely fantastic training hall. Instruction is very clear, and patiently delivered, and easy to follow. The sensei (teacher) is kind, knowledgeable, and encouraging. I have been practicing martial arts for more than two decades, and I highly, highly recommend Kashimon Dojo. - Damian Bonazolli 
- Sabastian Velilla Sensei es una persona con excelente nivel de Kyudo junto con su esposa Chelsey han sido tb excelentes anfitriones. Kashimon Dojo es un lugar para aprender artes marciales pero por sobre todas las cosas es un lugar lleno de magia y el amor de sus anfitriones. las enseñanzas que recibí superaron mis expectativas y llegaron a lo más profundo de mí corazón. Espero que este primer encuentro sea el comienzo de una gran amistad. todo mí amor para Eva, Chelsey y Sabastian Sensei. domoarigato!!!!       - Marisa Salas from Argentina

-  Excellent experience!! Dojo is clean and spacious. Great learning mixed with fun and friendship.  - Ken Weider                                     

***The dojo is closed on most National Holidays, Dojo Special Events and Seasonal Breaks - check regularly                                                                                                                                                                                                      Prior Events             
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